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Power your business with personalized accounting and management services, driving growth and success.

Management Advice

Our company makes accounting a fundamental tool in supporting management, through monthly counseling based on financial reports.

In order to inform the customer of the company's financial situation, reports are drawn up, monthly operating accounts, cash flows, profitability indicators, bank reconciliations, among others.

In this way, RochaConta – Accounting and Personal, Lda is concerned with giving all the necessary advice to its customers in order to optimize their functional structures.

Support for the formation of companies
Contabilidade e Reporting
Tax Planning and Preparation
Payroll Processing
Company recoveries
Investment Projects

Common questions

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How much do services cost?

We do not act based on a price list for accounting

On the contrary, we prefer to adapt the Accounting Price to the size of your company, the level of demand and responsibility as well as the administrative level and the level of document processing, and salary processing.

Other aspects are also subject to evaluation, such as billing data or other technical requirements that may be requested, as well as financial reporting, analytical accounting, etc…

We seek to be fair and diligent from the first moment where we evaluate and accurately budget what your company needs.

Can I schedule a meeting before moving forward with my project to clarify doubts?
Do they deal with the entire process of creating a company?
What services are included in the monthly fee?
When do services start?
Who are your services intended for?
How do I relate to my Certified Accountant?
Do they present accounting solutions for the various sectors of activity?
How to change accountants and when is the best time?
Are all businesses required to have organized accounting/certified accountant?

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